Tez-Tread Technology

  • Sole grip shape inspired by Formula 1 tyre tread
  • Developed to increase friction
  • Eliminates slide to reduce blistering, slipping and injury
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360° Grip

  • Revolutionary design aimed to increase performance
  • Whole-foot force and torque generation
  • Greater power output, improved agility, balance and speed

Premium Materials

  • Bespoke lightweight composition
  • Elasticated rib and cushioned sole
  • Ultimate comfort and durability
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Tez-Zero Technology

  • Additional instep grip zeroes provide maximum grip surface area
  • Increased multi-directional force production
  • Maintains optimum breathability

tezoro ethos

By combining technological advances in sport science with innovative, specialised, contemporary designs, we aim to produce the highest quality, high-performance sportswear for athletes at all levels.
injury prevention

Injury Prevention


Enhanced Performance

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Revolutionary Design


Superior Comfort


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